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Why is the Internet such an effective marketing tool?

There are several factors that make the Internet an effective marketing tool:

1) Measurability. The primary advantage of the Internet over other mediums is its measurability. Not only can you determine your cost per visitor, but through advanced ROI Analysis software you can determine the precise costs for each acquistion. This can be measured on a per creative, per venue, and per vehicle basis. Without maximizing the advantage of measurement, and without knowing which vehicles and venues are effectively delivering on your goals, you are not spending your advertising dollars wisely

2) Growth. Currently there are 40 million US households online. By 2003, this will climb to 60 million. As more users go online, and consumers' Internet experience grows, this will lead to greater comfort with spending online. Holiday spending approached $5 billion this year - three times that of 1998. Household spending online will double by 2003 to an estimated annual figure of $108 billion.

3) Affordability. Internet Marketing costs compare favorably to traditional mediums. There is a movement toward performance based pricing models in the areas of keyword auctions, search engine placement, and affiliate programs.

4) Global Reach & Specific Targeting. The Internet can be used to reach a global audience your business can attract customers from all over the world. The Internet is also an acute targeting mechanism. Not yet fulfilled the promise of becoming a one to one marketing tool, but is one of the most effective direct marketing tools currently available.

5) High Information Content. The Internet is primarily used as an information tool, rather than a broadcasting or entertainment medium. This will remain unchanged until a critical mass of users have high speed access, and this is not likely to happen within the next five years at a minimum. Companies can use this to their advantage by providing appropriate content for their target market.

6) Open Interactive Communication Channel. The Internet is a permanent and constant marketing tool your web site is live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week , and is accessible from any computer with a connection to the net. Who doesn't want that kind of accessibility?

Why should you put your business on the Internet?

There are many reasons that companies decide to establish a presence on the Internet, but one compelling reason is this - The internet is rapidly becoming a place of business. Let's explore what this means.

Two major industry analysts predict a tremendous explosion in Internet commerce in the coming years. The Yankee Group's senior analyst Melissa Bane predicts in a recent report that by the year 2002 business-to-business commerce over the Web will amount to $134 Billion annually, up from a mere $120 Million in 1996! Forrester Research reports that by the year 2004 nearly one-half of all businesses will be connected to the Net - up from a measly 4% in 1997. The Yankee Group reports an even greater percentage - nearly two-thirds (almost 2 million businesses) on line.

The sheer numbers of businesses connecting to the Internet each month provide more of a market for the products and services you sell and this market is easily reached. You don't even need to be concerned with "selling" over the Net. Just by providing prospects with the information they need to make a purchasing decision can be enough. Bane states in her report that "Just because you're not closing the deal over the Web doesn't mean you're not selling over the Web. What we see are customers getting the purchase information they need over the Web - helping them to distinguish between competing products - then phoning the company to close the deal."

If you've been deterred by the costs of setting up a Web site, think instead about the costs of NOT establishing a marketing presence on the fastest growing means of commerce we've ever seen. There is big money to be made on the Web and your business can cash in on this bonanza.

The Internet offers many advantages to your business not available anywhere else. Low cost and immediate local, regional, even national or inter-national exposure is one. A 24 hour-a-day virtual "storefront" to display your goods or services that visitors can enter at will is another. And the ability for a "shopper" to spend as much time and gather as much information as they need is yet another of many of the advantages that are unique to the Internet and to Internet commerce.

Setting up on the Web can be a confusing proposition and one that can drain the resources of most small to mid-sized businesses. Fully 90% of all businesses that begin the process of entering the internet commerce arena on their own never complete the process. They become frustrated with the level of expertise required and the amount of time that is taken away from running their business. This is where TheSiteShop can be of service to you. By handing off the hard work - the programming, scripting, design, modification and technical aspects of site production, you can focus on the content and objectives of your Web presence.

You can start with a basic Web site that tells the story of your business and shows customers and prospects that your business is professional and savvy. Then you can expand your site to include an on-line product and services guide, e-mail contacts to members of your staff, links to affiliated sites, and even add sophisticated capabilities such as audio, video, electronic order taking, credit card validation through a secure system and much more. As with any business venture that involves considerable time and effort, your Web presence requires planning and careful consideration. Together we need to focus on what we want your site to accomplish and how it fits into your overall marketing objectives, company image, and future planning. Design concerns and technical requirements can vary considerably from company to company.

Once an overall direction is established we can begin to focus on the site's content and layout. There are a wide variety of ways to connect your Internet image to your company so that it becomes a logical extension of your business. Backgrounds, graphics, photos and images all contribute to the look that we want to achieve and each of these elements can be customized to your needs. Finally, when the site is built it is uploaded to the the Web Server and you can begin to put your plan into action - becoming a part of the greatest marketing phenomenon in history - The World Wide Web.



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